Faded Beauty Photography and Design

  • Landscape & Architecture: Color

    The goals of my landscape and travel photography are multi-faceted. Above all I hope to inspire in others a desire to more thoroughly appreciate the world around them.

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  • Landscape & Architecture: B&W

    Black and white images evoke such an amazing feeling of timelessness. The absence of color lets us look at a scene from a perspective that we are not used to.

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  • Landscape & Architecture:
    Color Infrared

    For my infrared work I use a digital camera that has been modified to filter out the visible spectrum of light and only record the infrared. The results achieved by capturing this light frequency that we can never see with our own eyes can be quite amazing.

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  • Still Life

    Much of my still life photography revolves around cemeteries. For many, cemeteries represent grief and death, but for me they are places for remembrance.  

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  • Phobias & Fears

    This project is still in its infancy. Over the next few years I hope to create hundreds of images that personify our deepest fears.

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Fine Art Photography

My fine art photography varies greatly in its scope. My love of nature and the impact that man has had upon it past and present inspires my landscape and travel photography. The peaceful tranquilty and beauty of cemetaries draws me to them to photograph the many wonderful statues and the grave offerings of visitors. My conceptual work explores the darker sides of the human condition; our many fears personified.

I strive to create the most evocative work that I possibly can. Though, as long as I have elicited some sort of emotional response from those that view my images, even if the response is as simple as “I want to go there”, I feel that my work has been a success.

Past Exhibitions & Shows

  • Fall Fiesta in the Park 2010, Orlando, FL
  • Osceola Art Festival 2011
  • Orlando Nude Nite 2011
  • Downtown Art & Living Expo 2011, Orlando, FL
  • Jupiter Art Fest by the Sea 2011
  • Spring Fiesta in the Park 2011, Orlando, FL
  • Santa Fe College Art Festival 2011, Gainesville, FL
  • Mayfaire-by-the-Lake 2011, Lakeland, FL
  • Melbourne Main Street 2011, Melbourne, FL
  • Maitland Rotary Art Festival 2011
  • Winter Park Autumn Art Festival 2011


  • Melbourne Main Street 2011, Melbourne, FL: Merit Award
  • Spring Fiesta in the Park 2011, Orlando, FL: Best of Show

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