Faded Beauty Photography and Design

  • Fine Art Photography

    My fine art photography varies greatly in its scope. My love of nature and the impact that man has had upon it past and present inspires my landscape and travel photography. The peaceful tranquilty and beauty of cemetaries draws me to them to photograph the many wonderful statues and the grave offerings of visitors. My conceptual work explores the darker
    sides of the human condition; our
    many fears personified.

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  • Portraiture & Fashion

    I take great joy in capturing my subjects in the best light possible. I am available for portrait, fashion and glamour photography in my local area of Orlando, FL and worldwide. I create a unique portraiture experiences that could never be obtained from traditional portrait studios.

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  • Commercial Photos

    I offer a wide variety of commercial photography services, including but not limited to: stock photography, product photography, real estate photography and virtual tours, and conceptual advertisement and editorial work.

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  • Web & Print Design

    I am an award winning web and print designer and developer with over 10 years of advertising agency experience. Due to my low overhead costs, I can produce quality websites and marketing materials for a fraction of the cost of other local design agencies in the Orlando, FL area.

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What's New

Film vs. Digital

I was reading through an interview with Clyde Butcher earlier and this quote stood out… “Just a quick word about the new digital age & I have always believed that the art of photography is a technical art form. With … Read More>

Winter / Spring Art Show Schedule

The acceptances for the winter/spring 2012 art shows have started to come in. I will be branching out to south Florida for a variety of shows this year. Be sure to add me on Facebook to keep up to date … Read More>

Washington Oaks Gardens State Park

A while back I was searching for unique beaches in Florida and came across Washington Oaks Gardens State Park. What makes this beach unique is it has a fairly large coquina rock formation that stretches a considerable distance down the … Read More>

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